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Chapter 18: She Found the Door to the Waking Kingdom

It's been very busy in our little cottage these past few weeks! I finished the re-write of my beloved novel (a queer revisionist retelling of the Persephone myth), and I'm on my third (and almost final!) draft--wish me luck! :) <3 I'm a storyteller (it's even written on my skin)--I see stories in everything. There's even a story in each of these icon sets, if you look for it. With the turning of the wheel from dark, bleak winter to an awakening of the world, I hope that your days are growing softer, longer and lovelier, too. Life is coming back, the dreaming earth is waking, spring is knocking softly at our doors.

You don't have to credit, but credit is sweet. <3
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If crediting, please credit to ohsweetwitchery~ Thank you!
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